Monday, December 12, 2011

12 Days of Christmas

Hello my bloggy friends!  I hope that you are all feeling the warmth and joy that the holiday season brings.  And since I know that you are all fellow crafters, I hope that you have left yourself enough time to get the projects/gifts done that you need to, and that you're OK with plan B if they don't get done!  LOL!  I really do love to make and give homemade gifts whether it be cards, homemade soap, or baked goods to name a few.  This year has been a little different than in the past because as many of you know I moved and started a job a month ago.  Well, now I'm leaving on a cruise in a couple of days!  Hooray for my wonderful husband and the good job that he did at work that earned him an all expense paid trip!  But needless to say, I'm having to change my expectations this year as far as what I'm going to have time to make.

I have the perfect solution if you're needing a little holiday crafting inspiration:  My Pink Stamper's 12 Days of Christmas!  Check it out:

My Pink Stamper 12 Days of Christmas

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DIANA L. said...

Isn't that just the cutest little button.
I have it on my blog and I will be there,

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