Friday, January 15, 2010

Death by a thousand beans

We are having some employment issues at our house right now.  My husband happens to be in an industry that people just don't spend money on when times are tough, and so we are trying to be even more frugal than usual.  I like to shop sales and clip coupons and build my food storage, but right now we are in consumption mode so that means lots of beans.  Not that he needed any extra incentive, but I told my husband that until we know what is going on with his job or he gets a new one he is going to be suffering death by a thousand beans.  Either he will die from intestinal distress, or the rest of us will die from the smell.


As per my previous post, I have spent some more time at Preparedness Pantry and in particular I have been checking out their Food Storage Analyzer.  This is a really good resource whether you want to:
  • get started with food storage
  • see the nutritional content of your food storage
  • determine what your food storage is lacking
After you log in for your free account you will be asked the number, ages and gender of the members of your family.  With this information it calculates the numbers of calories each person will need.  From there you can plug in what you already have in your food storage and see whether that food meets your family's nutritional requirements and how long the food would last.  And of coarse whether you are just starting your food storage, or just want to add to it, they have all the products right there you could ever want or need available for purchase.  The best part is, the Food Storage Analyzer stores the information in your account so you can keep track your inventory and see where you are lacking, or maybe have a surplus.  Check it out!

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