Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new year, a new post....finally

To anyone who has been coming here for the past month hoping to find wonderful gems of domestic wisdom to inspire you through the busy holiday season, I am sorry.  My Christmas season was full of parties, music, school performances, gift making and giving, baking, and last but not least, hoping and wishing that I could feel some holiday spirit.  I am very grateful to have young children who do feel the Christmas spirit, and who warm my heart and bring me joy.

I googled "domestic" and I really like one of the definitions that I found for domesticity:  affection for the home and its material comforts.  So I thought I would share some of my favorite "material" comforts of wintertime:

  1. My duvet:  I love the feel of having heavy blankets on top of me in bed.  My husband loves to tease me about this because the truth is, I love having heavy blankets all year round.  That's the worst part of summer is it being too hot for blankets!  So although I'm no fan of winter, I do love that I have an excuse for lots of blankets in bed.
  2. Stephens Hot Cocoa:  This goes without explanation, but my favorite flavor, I don't know if there's a flavor that I don't like.  I really like the Hazelnut, Raspberry, and Mint Truffle.  Has anybody tried the new Raspberry Cheesecake flavor?  Sounds divine to me!
  3. Rosy cheeks:  Yesterday my husband and I took the kids sledding and I just love the fact that their pale and pasty little faces turned all rosy!  Rosy cheeks, noses, chins - they were all rosy and having a blast in the snow!

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