Saturday, April 18, 2009

Experimenting with markers

In the past I have intentionally avoided buying stamps where the image would have to be colored in - I guess I'm kind of lazy that way. But recently I have noticed more and more beautiful work that has been colored using markers, in particular, Copic markers. Although I'm sure they are worth every penny, these markers are not cheap. So I decided that I should take my time learning what I can about them before I spend a bunch of money and then decide that I don't like them. In the process of doing that I stumbled across this demonstration on youtube which explains how you can get similar results using Bic or Sharpie markers. Since I have a good selection of Bic Mark-It markers I thought I would give it a try. I didn't know it was possible to shade using markers. I think it turned out pretty well! The adorable little lion is from a set called Circus Animals, by My Cute Stamps.

Oh, and now I really want some Copic's. The Bic's worked well enough, but the Copic's have a huge color selection and have much nicer tips so they're easier to work with.


Shanna said...

That is REALLY cute. It does add a nice touch.

Emily said...

WAY CUTE! I'm just impressed you're making cards!

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