Friday, April 10, 2009


I was going to write, "Daily Inspiration," but I think that might create some unrealistic expectations. Maybe I can make this a weekly thing...

My inspiration, this ribbon:
You may recognize this ribbon from one of my previous projects. I prefer not to fall prey to the latest trends, but I can't help myself! I just love the pink & brown, light blue & brown color combinations. Actually, I think my friend Emily is to blame. I have been loving light blue & brown ever since I saw her baby announcement. So cute!

And I think these are the first stamps that I have been excited about in a really long time. I am just not crazy about the direction that that other stamp company that I used sell for has gone. My sister calls my creations "cutesy" but I prefer to call this style "whimsical". I made the dinosaur card with "Dinosaurs RARRR".

And this is a card that I made a while ago for my new nephew, which I thought was particularly adorable. It's hard to tell from the picture, but those are bottle shaped eyelets in the corners! This is good that I am finally getting into boy mode. Daniel is 2 years old after all, and some day I really would like to do some scrapbooking for him.

This on the other hand has absolutely nothing to do with my creativity, but has everything to do with Samara's. She won the "Seriously Gorgeous" award in the 4th Grade Easter Egg decorating contest today. How's that for some bling!

1 comment:

Emily said...

Love the dino card!!! those are some cute things. ANd congrats to Samara!

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