Thursday, February 11, 2010

Very Valentine

 I am helping out with the activities for my daughter's Valentine party, so I had to come up with some easy crafts for them to do.  It's really hard for me to tone things down and remember these are children who don't want to spend forever making projects like these, and will most likely rip them to shreds shortly after (or during) the party anyway.  And with it being Valentine's Day, I had to try and tone down the pink and hearts and come up with something the boys could do too.  So this is what I came up with:  
  • Matchbooks with Sweetarts inside - frogs for the boys and hearts for the girls
  • Magnets - the little red and white lips are mounted on chipboard and have the peel and stick magnets on the back
  • Valentines to give away - I was informed by my girls that the Valentines had to have candy with them, so cellophane bags with toppers it is!  But instead of ribbon, staples, because I was making almost 50 of them after all.  Whatever happened to those boxes of paper Valentines that you could just pick up at the store?
  • A Valentine for the teacher - I am just loving the Sweet Treats Cricut cartridge and Doodlebug Design paper.  Cupcakes and pink & brown - I'm so trendy!

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