Saturday, February 27, 2010

Homemade pizza....MMMMMM

I have to give a little shout out to a great recipe that I just found.  There is a frequent scenario at my home when it comes to meal preparation.  Often I have something in mind that I want to make, and I have some ingredients that I need to use up and I have to find a way to make them work together.  Solution -  As I have said before, this is my favorite resource for recipes.  I love to use their ingredient search when I have something that I need to use up, or if I need to find a new way to use a certain combination of ingredients.

Last night I wanted to make homemade pizza, but I didn't want to make just our usual hawaiian, and I had some chicken that I needed to use.  I'm not a fan of the barbecue chicken pizzas that seem to be all the rage these days, so I went to to the ingredient search and typed in "chicken" in the wanted ingredients section, and used "pizza" as a keyword.  I found the most fabulous recipe for Chicken Pesto Pizza.  I made pizza dough in my bread maker (be sure to make extra for cheesy breadsticks!) and used my favorite pesto mix by Simply Organic.  I didn't have any artichoke hearts (although that would have been divine) and substituted mozzarella & a little parmesan for the fontina.  I topped with a little chopped tomato and voila!  It was really yummy.  Even my husband and kids who aren't pesto fans liked it.  This one is definitely a keeper.

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