Monday, May 24, 2010

It's amazing what you can make out of garbage!

My daughter will be participating in something at her school this week called Market Day.  They have been earning "money" for the past month or so at school, and if they earned at least $1000 they would be able to participate.  However, in order to participate they also have to have something to sell.  My daughter decided that she wanted to sell Capri Sun items.  I think they are supposed to be learning math skills, economics (red blooded capitalism), business sense, but I'm not sure they have achieved that purpose when it's the mothers that end up making or buying the stuff that the kids sell.  Well, I guess I have to take some responsibility for that too. 

It's been interesting to learn all the things you can make out of Capri Sun packets!  We have made purses, bags, lunch bags, pencil cases, wallets, and cell phone cases (not pictured).  My daughter already has girls making orders!  It's too bad that she won't be making real money from selling these because my sewing machine is a little worse for the wear from making these.  That's a good lesson for her to learn, isn't it?  She needs to learn how to compensate her seamstress!

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Diana said...

I've made a bunch of shopping bags out of the kool aid pouches. People comment of them and I love the durability and added insulation for cold items.
Tell her good luck with her sales!

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