Saturday, May 1, 2010

MPS NSD Challenge #4 - I Like You the Least

OK, so I skipped one.  You'll see why below.

I have a color in my collection that I don't know why I bought it.  Actually, I do.  It was while I was still demonstrating for SU and I was trying to expand my repertoire and appeal to more of my customers' tastes.  You will find that most of my projects involve "cool" colors - those are the colors I wear, those are the colors I like to work with.  I have a really hard time with "warm" tones.  I do use them occasionally, as you will see in my Challenge #1 post below.  It's a stretch for me though.  And this Old Olive color I really struggle with.  I just don't like it, and I can't believe that it is one of the colors that SU chose to keep with this big color re-org they just did.  Mind you, when I got the Preserves cartridge and saw the grapes, I immediately though of putting Old Olive and purple together.

And here is what has been happening while I've been working on these challenges:

My poor little boy is getting tortured by his sisters!

**Oops- So I guess I misunderstood that one.  I could have sworn there was a "least favorite color" option.  Oh well, Preserves is probably my least used cartridge right now too.  It's still pretty new, and although I was uber excited when it was released, I haven't used it as much as I thought I would.  I'll probably use it more during harvest season when I'm canning.

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Nisson Family said...

Great idea of using your least favorite color for this challenge! I really appreciate you participating in it.


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