Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Market Day Follow-Up

I was somewhat amazed this morning when I went with my daughter to school to help her set up her little booth in the gymnasium so she could participate in Market Day.  You would be surprised how many people own those miniature theater popcorn poppers!  My daughter's fears were confirmed in that most of the items for sale were food:  popcorn, soda, chocolate, candy, and then the more creative Killer Krispies (gourmet rice krispy treats), and decorate your own cupcake booths.  But there was also a good assortment of adorable homemade magnets, flower headbands, flower clips, and tie-dye items.

The Capri-Sun items were a hit - we should have made more.  She sold out within 5 minutes!  The parents were asked to leave before they were able to start their buying and selling, but apparently she had a line as soon as the selling began.  She made over $2000, sold out, and then had the rest of the time to buy, buy buy!  And she did!  I got a phone call when school was out asking for me to pick her up because she was having trouble carrying all her loot!

I don't know that the experience translates well into the real world with the inflated cost of items, but it was a fun experience for her.  Last year we sold Capri Sun purses at the annual town summer carnival, or should I say, we tried.  For those of you not familiar with the culture in Utah, it's a pretty crafty place.  The trouble with selling handmade items is most of the people who walk by your booth are there shopping for ideas more than anything else.  We may give it one more try though, now that we have expanded our repertoire!

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