Monday, October 12, 2009

Last Harvest!

Hello everyone! This is Emily. I'll be blogging for this week, and then it's Andrea's turn again.

Today I'm busy wrapping up the end of my gardening season. I've already plucked all my tomato plants out of the ground and brought in the last clinging tomatoes (we already had our first freeze!). I've got them in boxes hoping they're far enough along that they'll ripen, or else it's green tomato salsa for me! But to be honest, I am so done canning this year. I didn't get quite as much canned as Andrea (I think I only did about 100 jars--mostly tomatoes) but the thought of getting out all the gear--strainers, and stockpots, and jars, canners... ugh. I've got more ripe tomatoes sitting on my counter that I've neglected a bit too long. Oops! Into the compost pile! All right, it's canning time for me!

If you're in the same boat, ripening techniques can be found at or wikihow.

And just in case your tomatoes don't ripen, there's tons of recipes for green tomatoes also at Tipnut. I might be testing these out!


Nancy said...

Cool. Some useful info, too. We didn't have enough tomatoes to bother doing anything with at all. I might need those ripening techniques for the last couple stragglers out there.

Andrea said...

I am so with you on the canning - I am SO done. I did 7 quarts of plums on Saturday because I had to get my inventory to an even 200, you know?

My kitchen counter has been covered in canning paraphernalia for weeks and I finally broke down and cleaned it all off, composted the veggies that were in various states of decay... eew.

Anna said...

Fun to read about both of you guys and all of your cool "housemuffin" stuff! I have to add you to my blogroll!

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