Friday, October 16, 2009

Toilet Paper Pumpkin Tutorial

You need:
  • 1 roll toilet paper
  • orange square of fabric (2ox20 ish. Mine is 22x22 and plenty big)
  • bit of rafia
  • paper lunch sack
  • torn strip of green fabric (roughly 2x8)

lay out your fabric. Mine is so wrinkled because it's been in a pumpkin shape for 2 years. Yours will be flat.

Set your toilet paper in middle. Depending how thick your roll is, is how big your pumpkin will be!

Start with one corner and pleat and stuff in the middle.

Like this! It does not have to be perfect.

Now grab your other things!

stick in your bit of green.

add the always-festive raffia.

cut the end of your paper bag off (sorry, no pic of this) til you get a tube of brown. Scrunch up and fold in half.

Stuff down the middle so it's poking out just so and there you have it! A super quick pumpkin (and emergency stash of toilet paper!)
Happy Fall decorating!


Andrea said...

Wait a minute, I seem to remember you having a no rafia rule at your house...

Too cute!

Paige said... it.

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