Monday, April 5, 2010


Having 2 beautiful girls in 2 years provides lots of opportunities for a mom who likes to craft.  I used to sew for my girls quite a bit - often matching dresses or outfits.  And then little brother comes along and it all abruptly stops...

Lately my girls have been saying, "You need to start sewing again!"  I finally took the hint, did the unthinkable and bought fabric so I could sew them dresses for Easter.  I had planned on getting them done secretly so they could be a surprise on Easter morning, but no such luck.  They found out, and it's probably for the best because I don't think I would have gotten them done if I was only sewing when they were at school or in bed.  From the pictures it will look like I have twins, but they're not.  My younger daughter is just gaining on the older one!  I keep telling my oldest that she needs to be nice to her sister because she's going to be bigger than her some day soon!  Anyway, here they are.

The dresses were made using the Simplicity pattern #2715.  It is just so adorable!  Part of me thinks it may be another 3 years before I sew anything again, and another part of me can't wait to make the long sleeve version in white eyelet.  One of the things that I really love doing with fabric and paper is finding ways to make different pattern and colors work together.  With as much sewing as I have done, this was my first experience with covered buttons.  I think they turned out really well!

Although the dresses were ready for them on Sunday they weren't able to wear them because it was General Conference this weekend, and it was really cold.  As you will see from the pictures taken at the town Easter Egg hunt.  Yes, that is snow on the ground, and much more snow came the following night.

Now that the Easter projects are done I can play with my new Cricut cartridge - Preserves!  I am so excited!

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Heidi Wessman Kneale said...

Oh, I can't believe how much S looks like her dad!

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